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Service and Repair

SFW Certified Bicycle Service & Repair

As the service department of “Downtown’s Genuine Bike Shop,” our goal is to help our customers maintain their bikes by providing consistent, high quality information for setup, service, and repairs. Check out this list of helpful tips to make your maintenance tasks a little easier.

When your repair skills have been exhausted, rest easy -- we've got your back! At SFW, we offer our customers a full service department. Our certified technicians work on all types of bikes. So, whether you are a neighborhood cruiser, a dirt jump expert, a trail tamer, or a road warrior, we've got you covered.

NEW SFW bikes come with:

1. Free Lifetime Checkover (non-transferable)

  • Includes: simple component adjustments (shifting, brakes, spokes, tire pressure, etc.); wipe & lube chain; general inspection & test ride

2. Initial seat, pedal, & cockpit set-up

3. Initial front & rear suspension set-up

4. 15% off accessories at the time of purchase

SFW Labor Rate

  • General Labor Rate: $85 per hour
  • We are pleased to offer our customer 5 minutes of repair time for free. If we can fix your bike in 5 minutes or less, there will be no labor charge for your repair.
  • Our general labor rate applies after 5 minutes.


Types of SFW Repairs

To uphold SFW’s standards of consistency and quality, we do not perform “on the spot” repairs. Instead, we offer two types of repairs.

Service Repairs:

  • Availability: 30 first come, first serve slots
  • Scheduling: repairs are worked on in the order in which they were received

  • Turnaround time: varies with number of technicians on duty and the number repairs in the queue

Day of Repairs:

  • Availability: 3 first come, first serve slots
    • Available between 11am-3:30pm, when trained technicians are on duty
  • Repairs include one of the following:
    • Basic Tube or Tire Replacement
    • Simple Shifter or Brake Adjustment
    • Trim Seatpost or Handlebars
    • Simple Accessory or Component Install
  • Turnaround time: within one business day


Repair Time Estimates

There are several variables that will impact the actual time of your repair, including the condition of your bike/components, the type of component/accessory being worked on, etc.

Typical 1-30 minute repairs

  • Tube or Tire Installation
  • Simple Gear or Derailleur Adjustment
  • Simple Brake Adjustment
  • Headset Adjustment
  • Hub Adjustment
  • Chain Installation 
  • Trim Seatpost or Handlebars
  • Simple Component or Accessory Installation
  • Tubeless Sealant Top-off
  • Kickstand Installation
  • Crankarm Replacement
  • Simple Spoke Adjustment or Wheel Truing

Typical 31-60 minute repairs

  • Cassette/Freewheel Replacement
  • Complete Wheel Installation
  • Dropper Seatpost Installation or Cable Change
  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed
  • Crank Set Installation
  • Bottom Bracket Installation
  • Cable and/or Housing Installation
  • Cable/Rim Brake Installation
  • Derailleur/Shifter Installation
  • Disc Rotor Replacement
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Hub Overhaul
  • Bar Tape Installation
  • Tubeless Tire Setup
  • Spoke Replacement

Typical 60+ minute repairs

  • Bicycle Assembly
  • Bike Packing For Shipping
  • Suspension Service
  • E-Bike Motor or Wiring Harness Replacement
  • Fork Installation
  • Wheel Build
  • Hydraulic Brake Installation

SFW Service Department Promises to Our Customers

In fostering a long-term relationship with our customers, our repair department offers five promises. They are:

1. Transparent and Fair Estimates: We realize that cost is an important part of maintaining your bike. We promise to provide you with a fair assessment of your bike’s needs -- we will never suggest repairs that are not in your best interests. Furthermore, we promise to provide up-to-date repair pricing, openly displayed online and in store.

2. Equality of Treatment Repair Procedures: Just as your bike is special to you, all SFW customers are special to us. We promise to operate by  repair procedures designed to treat all SFW customers as equally important. This equality principle will inform every step of our repair process, to include the order in which we work on repairs.

3. Clear, Truthful, and Prompt Communication: Understanding your bike's repair needs is a crucial part of keeping you rolling smoothly. We promise to provide prompt, clear, truthful communication about your repair. While we never enjoy being the bearers of bad news, we will uphold this promise even when the truth about your repair is difficult to hear. When brokering a warranty repair or purchase order with one of our partner companies, we promise to work diligently on your behalf. If we run into a delay or encounter an issue, we will keep you informed at every step of the process.

4. Employing Trained Technicians: As bike lovers ourselves, we understand that keeping your bike in top working condition is important to you. We promise to employ only trained, highly skilled repair technicians to work on your bike.

5. Work Within Our Means to Meet Expectations: We realize that a swift, effective repair is critical to get you back riding. We will accept repair request only when we can maintain our standards, while meeting your needs. If we are not confident that we can do so, we will try to recommend someone who can.