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Yeti Cycles at Superfly Wheels

As a proud retailer of Yeti cycles, Superfly Wheels Bicycle Shop is committed to providing our customers with the best possible cycling experience. Yeti is a highly respected and well-known brand in the cycling community, known for its exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and innovative designs. 

They support some of the most progressive and fastest riders on the planet, proving their bikes and design philosophy at the cutting edge of the sport. We have access to the full range of bikes from Yeti, with a selected few on display in our shop. 

We only sell Yeti Cycles in-store, ensuring you have the correct bike for your needs, and size and have all your questions answered, so you feel confident about rolling with us at SFW.
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- Yeti Cycles

Race-Bred Machines

Yeti Cycles are renowned for producing some of the fastest and most beautiful bikes on the market. Their bikes are designed for serious riders who demand the best performance and handling in all conditions. Whether you're looking for a fast and agile trail bike, a rugged and versatile electric mountain bike, or a high-performance enduro bike,  we'll help find you the best model that will allow you to rip a trail however you want.

Lifetime Warranty

Known for their exceptional customer service and support, they offer a lifetime warranty program that covers defects in materials and workmanship for the frame's life. If you buy a Yeti through us and it shows signs of defect, let us know. We will handle all the communications with Yeti’s team to make things right for you, the rider.

At Superfly Wheels, we are proud to be a retailer for Yeti cycles because they share our passion for the dirt, bringing people together to ride, rip, and blow off steam with a like-minded community. 

It also helps that they produce lust-worthy bikes that keep the dream alive. We know our customers deserve the best possible cycling experience, and we are confident that Yeti cycles can deliver on that promise.      Welcome to the tribe. 



More trails. More laps. More of what you love. Sure, any e-MTB technically delivers “more”. More for the 160E is added composure, speed and agility. See also personal bests, wins, and championships.

Yeti don’t party until the race is over. They took their time to design an e-MTB the way a Yeti e-MTB has to be designed: ready to toe the line at EWS-e races. Meet the 160E: The world’s first race-specific electric MTB.


The Yeti SB140 mountain bike is a true master of the climb, the bomb, the rail, and the air, leaving no rider wanting. It's utterly unequivocal and known for crushing rules and busting trends. This bike stands out as one that can absolutely rule, even though no rig can rule all. And where does it reign? In the space between nothingness.

Yeti asked themselves how to make the SB130 more capable of handling various terrains instead of justifying the vanilla geometry like other "mid-travel" bikes. This led us to develop a size-specific geometry that allows SB140 riders to maintain balance and tackle even spicier trails in any direction.


Don't worry about the numbers or speculate about the bike's capabilities. Ignore the cute alternatives other companies may use for "cross country" and avoid limiting beliefs. Focus only on your ride, block distractions, and get lost on the SB120. Decide what this bike means to you and be ready to define it on your terms.

The SB120's geometry is well-balanced and agile, with a nimble reach that easily navigates through singletrack, a steep seat tube angle that makes climbs effortless, and a head angle and vertical suspension travel that prioritize downhill fun, making it an excellent option for a Trans-Cascadia style race. The balance and agility of this bike are so impressive that you can easily forget about its travel both uphill and downhill.



As the service department of “Downtown’s Genuine Bike Shop,” our goal is to help our customers maintain their bikes by providing consistent, high quality information for setup, service, and repairs.

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