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Local Rides In The Tri-Valley

Located just east of San Francisco in the rolling hills of the Bay Area, the Tri-Valley is comprised of the San Ramon Valley, Amador valley, and the Livermore Valley. All of which provides some of the best riding terrain California has to offer. From casually meandering through sloping grassy hills to technical mountain bike single track to steep long road climbs, the Tri-Valley offers something for every rider at every skill level. At Superfly Wheels we encourage everyone to get out on a bike and experience all the beauty the Tri-Valley has to offer. If you can't find a route that suits your needs let us know and we can help you guide your next bike riding adventure.

Road Rides In The Tri-Valley

Embark on a thrilling road biking experience in the Tri Valley of California, where smooth, well-paved roads wind through charming towns and rolling vineyards. From leisurely rides along the Livermore Valley wine country to more challenging routes through scenic hills, the Tri Valley provides road cyclists with a picturesque and diverse landscape for an enjoyable and rewarding journey on two wheels.

Mountain Bike Trails

Explore the exhilarating world of mountain bike trails in the Tri Valley of California, where scenic trails weave through the picturesque landscapes of Livermore, Pleasanton, and Dublin. Whether you're a novice seeking gentle rides along vineyard paths or an adrenaline enthusiast tackling challenging terrain in the surrounding hills, the Tri Valley offers diverse trails catering to all skill levels, promising an unforgettable adventure amid the region's natural beauty.


Cruise the bike friendly streets of Pleasanton with our urban routes. These routes are very leisurely and great for any casual rider. All routes start in downtown at our shop, exploring quiet Iron Horse Trail, Livermore Wine country, or Historic Pleasanton all through easy bike paths. Life moves at the perfect pace on a bike. Experience the great weather we enjoy nearly year round.  A cruiser bike or a city bike is a great way to roll through!


Immerse yourself in the rugged allure of gravel biking in the Tri Valley of California, where unpaved paths lead riders through a tapestry of vineyards, open fields, and hidden gems. With a network of gravel roads spanning the region, from Livermore to Pleasanton and Dublin, cyclists can discover a unique blend of off-road adventure and stunning landscapes, making the Tri Valley an ideal destination for those seeking the thrill of gravel biking.